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Earpump Aura Press Release 2011

Friday, August 9, 2013

We all like to hear musicians at their best.

Yet the finer elements that artists work so hard to bring to their audiences are often compromised by ordinary earphones which fail to deliver the details. That’s why we‘ve created the EARPUMP™ AURA - earphones that respect music.

The AURA’s capacity for immersive, multi-dimensional live sound lets you hear music the way the musicians want you to. Hear the depth. The soul. The emotion. With AURA, you’ll be connecting with artists and their music on a whole new level.


  • HIGH CLARITY EARPUMP™ BASS –With the high clarity of its clean-cut bass sound, the low frequencies won’t shroud the trebles and highs so that every solo comes through.
  • SOUND ISOLATION – EARPUMP™ silicone earbuds seal the sound in and keep out the background noise for an immersive listening experience. Comes in three sizes for a custom fit.
  • SUPERB AMBIENCE – Nothing beats hearing music like it was meant to be heard. Whether it’s a studio recording or a concert gig, your EARPUMP™ AURA will capture every detail, down to the last lingering note and phrase.
  • PROTECTIVE TRAVEL CAPSULE – Durable, protective casing to safeguard your earphones during non-usage. Travel-friendly.