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Leapfroglobal Group: It owns the Armaggeddon, PowerLogic and SonicGear brands

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


In celebration of Singapore’s 49th National Day, Digital Life looks at the established and the unsung tech heroes of Singapore


PUBLISHED ON AUG 8, 2014 12:43 PM



Founded by Mr George Hu (right) in 1999, Leapfroglobal makes IT products under the SonicGear, PowerLogic and Armaggeddon brands. It plans to launch a new label, Elysium, which will include hi-fi audio and power banks. -- PHOTO: LEAPFROGLOBAL GROUP


Claim to fame: The company owns the Armaggeddon, PowerLogic and SonicGear brands. It offers a broad range of speakers, gaming keyboards, mice and other accessories here, in South-east Asia, and as far afield as Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.


Armaggeddon, PowerLogic and SonicGear are brands you have likely seen on a variety of headphones, keyboards, laptop bags and speakers.

All belong to Leapfroglobal Group, which was started by Mr George Hu, 58, in 1999. He was then general manager at MediaForte, an IT product distributor when he decided to become an entrepreneur.

He set up his headquarters here and had a branch office in Malaysia. After establishing SonicGear, the company expanded to Indonesia in 2002.

PowerLogic was created in 2002 as a sister brand. SonicGear focused on audio peripherals, while PowerLogic targeted casual IT users with affordable IT accessories.

The newest addition, Armaggeddon, was established in 2011 with hardcore gamers in mind. Its keyboards and mice are designed for gaming.

Now, all the company's brands can be found across Asia and reach as far as Europe and Latin America. Business is brisk. It posted an annual revenue of US$30 million (S$37.4 million) last year and has more than 100 employees, of which over 30 are stationed in Singapore.

Mr Hu's 28-year-old daughter, Faith, a senior manager of Leapfroglobal, explained why the company has done so well: "Every product we design must fulfil three requirements. It must command international appeal, live up to global standards and incorporate the right mix of technology without overcompensating, so that it remains accessible to the everyman."

An engineer by trade, Mr Hu designed the SonicGear Morro 200 USB speakers, which have sold more than a million units to date.

Leapfroglobal is not complacent. Ms Hu said it plans to launch many new products later this year, including the Tatoo 2 speakers that she said delivers performance comparable to that of Bose and other high-end audio brands.

Leapfroglobal, she said, plans to launch a new brand, Elysium, in a foray into lifestyle products including hi-fi audio and power banks.

By Colin Tan

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