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Earpump Pure Press Release 2011

Sunday, August 11, 2013

With sound as smooth as its style, the EARPUMP™ PURE brings out true-to-life detail and ambience that allures your senses. The key lies in its engineering: the balanced armatures of the EARPUMP™ PURE are capable of faster response than typical dynamic drivers, thus enabling the EARPUMP™ PURE to deliver pitch-perfect highs and well-defined mids.

Paired with the warm and full bass tones of our signature EARPUMP™ bass drivers, it’s like having a hi-fi experience right in your pocket.


  • BALANCED ARMATURES – Conceived for the discerning ear. Experience the pure highs and clear mids through these balanced armatures.
  • SIGNATURE EARPUMP™ BASS – With our signature bass drivers which deliver unrivalled warmth and power that our users have come to know and adore, you can have it all.
  • SOUND ISOLATION – The EARPUMP™ PURE’s space-age silicone earbuds keep ambient noise out and pure sound in, ensuring a total immersion into true hi-fi haven. Comes in three sizes for a custom fit.
  • SUBLIME STYLING – Sleek brushed metal endcaps exude understated, urban sophistication.
  • PROTECTIVE TRAVEL CAPSULE – Durable, protective casing to safeguard your earphones during non-usage. Travel-friendly.