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SonicGear Hits 10-Year Milestone with Strong Foothold in Global Marketplace

Saturday, January 12, 2013

12 January 2011, SINGAPORE – Visit any major IT show in Southeast Asia, Europe’s CeBIT tradeshow or COMPUTEX in Taipei, and you’ll feel (and hear) the presence of SonicGear’s range of audio products in the consumer electronics marketplace. This year, the homegrown audio brand celebrates its 10th anniversary and ever-growing global brand recognition.

The pipeline of new products set to launch in 2011 reflects SonicGear’s confident international foothold, but what makes this company different, and what drives it to greater heights? SonicGear’s CEO George Hu shares his thoughts.

“Many mass market audio products compromise too much on sound quality to preserve low prices, so most people don’t get to hear music as the artistes intended,” says Hu. “Of course there’s the other extreme end of premium products for audiophiles. But I don’t think producers and artistes start a recording thinking, ‘This should only sound good on expensive headphones.’

“That’s why we’re in the business of engineering affordable audio devices that bridge the gap between artistes and the masses. Everyone should have a chance to hear music as it was intended to be heard.”

The company’s mission requires a tightrope routine of maintaining an acceptable baseline of audio quality and friendly prices. Evidently, it is doing pretty well: SonicGear’s award-winning products top the charts in GfK consumer sales reports, while the fast-expanding product range of multimedia systems, headphones and speakers all continue to be priced to create value for customers. SonicGear products have made their way to more than 24 foreign markets, reaching as far as Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

There’s a surprisingly high level of customer service as well: SonicGear’s “1 Hour Repair” policy guarantees customers a brand new replacement set should servicing time exceed 60 minutes. That means you’ll never have to make more than one trip to the service centre.

But beyond the business of audio engineering lies a deeper commitment: a promise to continually refine designs and production processes to minimize the impact on the environment. Besides compliance to WEEE and RoHS standards, SonicGear’s product innovation is aimed at reducing its carbon footprint.

It’s not surprising to find that the company’s philosophy echoes the values and beliefs of many individuals. It’s a philosophy that reflects a dynamic response to the major trends and changes of the decade. And on that note, 2011 will give consumers much to look forward to as SonicGear celebrates its coming of age in the world of consumer electronics.


SonicGear Lab comprises a team of audio and industrial design engineers and manufacturing specialists from Southeast Asia and China who are dedicated to designing and producing audio products. SonicGear Lab aims to design and manufacture devices which embody advanced technology, practical and ergonomic functionality, exceptional aesthetic appeal and great value.

Besides their mission to bring good audio quality to the masses, SonicGear Lab is committed to being environmentally friendly by using non-hazardous materials in compliance with WEEE and RoHS standards.