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SonicGear’s Go! iON series: Portable Music on Steroids

Friday, February 25, 2011

25 February 2011, Singapore - The solution to a monotonous day of work, the drag of getting yourself to the gym, or the fatigue of a marathon…isn’t a drug. It’s music. And SonicGear’s new iON series of portable speakers will ensure you get as much music as you want, whenever and wherever you want it.

We’re often unaware of our reliance on music to get through the day’s activities. It can lift spirits in a dreary office, invigorate a tired jogger, and bring life to picnics, barbecues and pool parties.

The problem is when it comes to bringing music with you wherever you go – be it hanging out by the beach, or practicing dance moves at your favorite space – the fun lasts only as long as the music does. And sadly, the music often lasts only as long as your triple-A batteries stay alive.

“I could buy more batteries.” Sure thing. That would be the mundane and conventional answer this problem. But it isn’t innovative. It doesn’t improve the way we live. Furthermore, battery disposal is an environmental and health hazard. The answer that SonicGear has though, will certainly be a big step in the right direction – the Go! iON series.

Named after the rechargeable built-in lithium ion batteries that power the portable speakers in this series, the average set of iON portable speakers has the potential to deliver up to eight hours of playback per charge. This means more fun, less money spent on batteries, and more importantly, less environmental impact.

These magnetically shielded iON portable speakers can be placed right next to monitors without causing interference, and provide you with many media source options - if you want it to play music from your mp3 player or computer, use the auxiliary-in jack. Pop in an SD card and it becomes an all-in media player. There’s also a built-in headphone jack that makes things simple: plug in for privacy, and plug out to party! Forgot your SD card? No worries! The built-in FM radio will help keep you entertained.

To spice things up, the iON 800 Dazzle comes with a full-color LCD screen that displays lyrics. For the utilitarian, the iON 900 even has a built-in LED torchlight and USB input. Talk about all-in-one functionality.

We can all dream about the day when devices wirelessly recharge themselves and do your homework for you while they’re at it. In the meantime, SonicGear’s Go! iON series speakers are the best answer to music on-the-go, making them nifty companions that will get you the biggest bang for your buck.