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Calibre Gaming Glove

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The Calibre professional gaming glove is an innovation first of its kind, pioneered by Armaggeddon.

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Extreme PC gamers will be familiar with the intensity of competitive gaming and the physical strain it puts on their wrists and fingers. Left unchecked, such continuous intensive activity could possibly lead to compression neuropathy and eventual permanent nerve damage such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
The Calibre gaming glove is an idea developed by Armaggeddon researchers that helps alleviate the strain and helps gamers play better, for longer. Here’s what’s at work in this simple design:

1. Elevation: Raising the wrist’s height to match your fingers’ aid in blood flow to the extremities of your hands.

2. Insulation: Neoprene at the core layer of the glove’s fabric helps keep your hands warm while you battle it out in chilly, air-conditioned tournament venues. Digits remain exposed for maximum agility and dexterity.

3. AlleviationHigh quality ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA – the same padding used in extreme sports equipment) is incorporated into the wrist cushion for effective pressure relief.

4. Low Friction: The Lycra composite lining reduces the friction between your arm and the table surface.

The Calibre professional gaming glove is an innovation that’s the first of its kind, pioneered by Armaggeddon – because We Live in Your Game

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