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Alien III G5

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Designed for long hours of comfort, the Alien III G5 surface grip is made with aluminum to help dissipate heat faster.

Equipped with 4 level on-the-fly adjustable CPI of up to 2000 CPI and 7 macro-able buttons with 64KB on-board memory, the G5 is built for the long hours grinding warrior.

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Unique finishing for long hours of comfort: The Alien III G5’s surface grip is made with aluminum which helps dissipate heat. This ambidextrous grip design and material help contribute to comfort during long hours of gaming. The rubberized coating also helps with a more secure grip whilst playing.

On-the-fly Adjustable CPI button: You no longer have to pause midway through your game to change the sensitivity of your mouse as the Alien III G5 comes equipped with an on-the-fly CPI button which comes with 4 CPI options – 500/1000/1500/2000 CPI. A different color is assigned to each level of CPI which ensures that you are always aware of and in control of this feature.

64KB On-board memory: This Marco-able mouse with 7 gaming buttons ensures that you will be able to execute your signature gaming moves without much fuss.

Durability: This mouse comes with a high quality Teflon footpad with an extra set of footpads which ensures you will be able to make good use of this mouse for a long time.


  • Resolution range : 500 CPI ~ 2000 CPI
  • On-the-fly adjustable CPI button : 500/1000/1500/2000 CPI
  • 7-button laser mouse
  • On-board memory : 64KB
  • 7 Programmable button gaming class optical mouse
  • Optical sensor : A3050
  • Acceleration : 20G
  • High performance tacking speed : up to 160 inches per second
  • Macro-able™ Gaming Mouse with 64KB On-board Memory
  • LED light effects with color option
  • Ultra durable 1.8 meters nylon cord
  • High quality Teflon foot pad
Mouse size: Medium
  • 126mm(L) X 71.7mm(W) X 41.6mm(H)