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Avatar Pro ZX500

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The Avatar Pro ZX500 surrounds you with 7.1 digital audio effects and roof-shaking bass for full game play immersion. Includes easy-to-use software for surround sound adjustments.

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The Avatar Pro ZX500 surrounds you with 7.1 digital audio effects and roof-shaking bass for full game play immersion.

But beyond the sound quality is an even more important trait: ease of tuning. Everyone's got a personal preference and working a deal out with your headphones isn't always easy. That's why Armaggeddon's Avatar Pro ZX500 software with easy-to-use DB sliders make manual equalization a walk in the park.

The ZX500 also has volume control access and other useful functions at the tap of a button on the controller so you never have to reach far or interrupt your gameplay to make adjustments.

Now go kick some butt instead of wasting your time on configurations!



  • 7.1 Armaggeddon Digital Surround Sound Audio System
  • 2 large drivers (40 mm), to give the best atmospherics
  • Easy-to-use graphic user interface (GUI) control panel
  • Control individual audio channels by dragging channel audio icon
  • Select 5.1 or 7.1 to maximize audio potential of the Avatar Pro ZX500 for games and movies


  • Frequency response : 20Hz ~ 20KHz
  • Impedance : 320 Ohms (Ω)
  • Sensitivity : 97 ± 3 dB
  • Rated power : <150 mW
  • Driver size : 40 mm
  • Total number of drivers built in : 2
  • Audio and microphone jack : USB, gold plated
  • Cable length : 2.3 meters


  • Frequency response : 30Hz ~ 16KHz
  • Sensitivity : - 46 dB ± 2 dB
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio : ≥ 58 dB


  • Up to 7.1 adjustable speaker angles and positions
  • Manual equalization with DB slider
Headset Review Review by TAN
This is my first review on Armaggeddon product :

Armaggeddon Avatar Pro ZX500

I've used this headset to play FPS and MOBA games, 7.1 surround sound work perfectly for me. Watch movie and listen to music also nice. Bass vibration is one of my most favorite feature from this headset , louder sound, harder vibration XD . The controller located at nice location - between breast and stomach
Surround noise cancellation is very good. I can't even hear my mom entered my room (good right?). Earcups are big, cushions also soft, but this headset is quite bulky and heavy (Thick plastic, big earcups with 2 large drivers) After using for few hour I can feel the pressure on my head, actually I should set it to fit my head before using it lol.
The microphone works fine. I like design that it is foldable, but it can't be adjusted also and not much noise cancellation, my friends can hear laptop fan's sound.

SO I will wrap up pros adn cons
- 7.1 Virtual surround sound is very good
- Controller located at nice location ( for me )
- Soft cushions and headband
- Can fold microphone to keep in earcup( as you can see
from picture)
- Great noise cancellation and bass vibration
- Affordable price

- Bulky and heavy
- USB connector : cannot use with tablets or smartphone.
- This happened with me twice that I plug-in the headset after run the game, the headset didn't detect it, so the sound came out from laptop speakers.
- Microphone cannot be adjusted.

Hope this review can help anyone who want to buy this headset. (Posted on 1/10/15)
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