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Macro Programming

Macro Recording on Armaggeddon

Gear In gaming, timing is important and we want to ensure Armaggeddon gear allows you to turn every second into an advantage. We want you to improve your game and thus we bring to you a series of tutorials on how to record macros on your gear. Recording macros is a way to ensure that you have easy access to moves that are routine but require a series of steps.

All our videos were made by Nathan “Nate” Cooper, one of the FPS gamers that participated in the Armaggeddon Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament 2012. Currently part of the gaming team Nameless, Nate usually plays Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Battlefield. During the CS:GO tournament, Nate got to use a lot of our gear specifically the mousemats, the Aquila X and the Strike Eagle MKI-3.

Check out the videos below to find out how Nate records macros on all our Armaggeddon gear! If you have any further queries please address them to: