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Pushing the limits of gaming boundaries.

Armed with the latest AVAGO 9800 laser sensor, the Phantom commands up to 8200 CPI with on-the-fly CPI adjustable control, 6-level adjustable weight management and 6 macro-able buttons with 256KB on-board memory to store up to 11 macros.

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Latest Avago Laser Sensor: Armed and loaded with the latest Avago laser sensor: AVAGO 9800, the Phantom comes with on-the-fly CPI adjustable control which comes with a 7-level colored indicator. With a range of 600cpi – 8200cpi, discover what control should feel like.

11 Portable macros: This mouse will be your ultimate gaming sidekick because of how easy it is to store your macros! Store up to 11 macros on the first set-up in its awesome 64KB onboard memory and after that it’s as simple as Plug’n’Play.

6-Level Weight Management: You can be lithe or you can tread, you can be slick or you can be exact – whatever movement you desire, you can now perform because the Phantom comes with a 6-level weight management system. Not only does it help improve your gaming prowess, it will give your game the better movement it needed.

24-color Lighting Options: Adapt the Phantom’s look to any environment with its 24-color lighting option. This function will let you adapt your mouse to whatever lighting conditions may be present.

Specifications & Features:

  • Macro-able™  Laser Class Gaming Mouse with 256KB on-board memory
  • 7-level CPI adjustment on-the-fly [Default 600/1200/2000/3000/4800/6400/8200CPI]
  • Adjustable light effects and up to 24 colour options indicate profile selected
  • 6 Buttons + 4-Way Click scroll [Save Up to 11 Macros (6+5) in each profile]
  • Assign button of choice for switching between 5 different profiles
  • CPI toggle switch for both increasing and decreasing CPI on-the-fly
  • Adjustable polling rate: 250Hz-4ms/500Hz-2ms/1000Hz-1ms
  • High performance tracking speed: up to 150 inches per second
  • 6-level adjustable weight management system
  • AVAGO Laser sensor: AVAGO 9800
  • Ultra durable 1.8m nylon cord
  • High quality Teflon foot pad
  • Frame rate: 12,000fps
  • Acceleration: 30G

Phantom design for gamers:

  • Rubberized Coating for Long Hours of Comfort
  • 4-Way Click Scroll [save up to 3 macros/single keys]
    • Scroll Up
    • Scroll Down
    • Scroll Left Click [Macro-able button]
    • Scroll Right Click [Macro-able button]
    • Scroll Click [Macro-able button]
  • CPI Toggle Allows for 7 steps of increase/decrease of Mouse Sensitivity and [2 Macro-able button]
  • Ergonomic right-handed design with [2 Macro-able button] for left and right click button
  • Light Indicator shows Profile [Save up to 5 profiles in 256KB of onboard memory]
  • Rubber grips on right and left sides, with grooves for more traction
  • Lower button near thumb within easy reach [Default: Double Click] and [Macro-able button]
  • Additional button within easy reach of middle finger [Default: Change LED color] and [Macro-able button]
  • 2 Above thumb buttons design [Default: backward and forward] and [2 Macro-able button]
  • Light indicator shows CPI level according to saved settings [Default: 600/1200/2000/3000/4800/6400/8200CPI]