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Morro 1 Ultra

The Morro 1 is a small pair of speakers with a presence that’s larger than life. Your mind will be blown by its powerful ultra-bassy Class-D digital amplifier encased in a superior wooden housing. Rediscover your favorite songs with the warm and rich tones of the Morro 1. You’ll also be surprised by the sheer volume and dynamics it is capable of, especially since it draws all its power solely from a single USB drive. This is something we’ll have to credit its DBR (Dual Bass Reflector) technology for, as it enhances and amplifies every note. Fall in love with its chic anterior grille design, sophisticated finishing and alluring audio quality. Available with two finishes – woodgrain or black – the Morro 1 is as visually appealing as it is aurally satisfying.


  • Unique dual-bass-reflector technology
  • Ultra huge bass and clarity
  • Compact wooden cabinet
  • In-line wire controller

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