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Earpump Studio 2

Earpump Studio 2


  • Studio 2 ergonomic headband design for a snug fit
  • Soft ear cushions and cup design provide long-wearing comfort for all head sizes
  • Durable high-gloss UV coated surface is easy to maintain
  • High-sensitivity microphone for clean and clear communication in-line
  • Push-to-talk button on cable for easy access

Technical Specifications

Headphone specifications:

  • Driver size:40mm
  • Total built-in driver:2
  • Frequency response:20h-20khz
  • Impedance:32 ω
  • Senesitvity:105db(s.p; at 1khz)
  • Maximum input power :30mw
  • Cable length: 1.35m

Product Review(s)

Price before tax & shipping
Price before tax & shipping