Armaggeddon AK-666X

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Armaggeddon AK-666X

Armaggeddon AK-666X

Non-Mechanical (Membrane)

  • SGD29.90
  • SGD49.90




- Spill-proof gaming keyboard

- 8 different backlight effects and colours

- High profile Tackeys™ provide more feedback than ordinary membrane keyboard lifespan up to million keystrokes

- Custom laser keycap letting for longer durability and added resistance to scratches and fading

- Anti-ghosting gaming cluster (25 keys including and arrow keys)

- Gaming mode deactivate windows key (FN + Windows Key)

- Additional palm rest design - 2 year warranty




- Multimedia spill proof Tackey™ membrane gaming keyboard

- 104 Tackey™ with more than 100,000,000 time

- 11 shortcuts keys (Press FN + F1~ F10, and F12)

- 8 different backlight effects

- 1.65m ultra durable cord

- Gaming cluster with anti-ghosting capability

- Dimensions: L:450mm, W=182mm

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